ChatGPT versus GoogleChatGPT versus Google
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ChatGPT is a turning point in tech wars around advertising revenue, that would change how technology has been shaping and impact our lives. In many ways, we now have the ability to talk to complex systems and get things done or get answers to complex questions with much less effort than was ever possible.

Big Tech has been deliberately raising fears around generative AI for a long time to secure their main advertising revenue sources, this is clicks on search results from Google and similarly for Google.

Its Microsoft who has jumped ship because they could never win the Search Engine war from Google and they needed generative AI as an engine for their OS and Office product lines.

Why is there so much Excitement

There are many reasons,  people want to use a service like chatGPT e.g. :-

1). Users needed answers to their questions in many cases, rather than querying to get relevant website links which google provides. This is the gap, that ChatGPT is filling and people are really excited about it.

2). If you’re struggling with a complex UI, think again. We are moving into an era of conversational systems that take input in natural language and will fulfill complex commands or instructions without ever requiring a complex UI.

3). Students are using it answer complex questions, understand difficult concepts etc.

4). Knowledge workers are also using it to be more productive by answering complex questions, learn complex concepts, and be more innovative and creative.

To gest started with ChatGPT, just visit and start asking any questions that you may have :-

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Do we Need to Fear ChatGPT ?

 There is a lot of fear as well. People are already thinking that :-

” Will you lose your #job to models like #Chatgpt or you would benefit because you will learn more, and be more creative, productive?”

On the other hand, fear of missing out is also there. And everyone is jumping to build something with Chatgpt.

Universities and Schools are fearing impact of ChatGPT as it is used to write essays, research papers etc. Experts are saying that it is virtually impossible to detect research paper written by ChatGPT or similar technology.

chatgpt replace me

Is it a Google Killer ?



Google had its Yahoo-moment when it initially ignored the impact of ChatGPT when it was launched. However, within days it was forced to acknowledge its mistakes and is now panicking.

Death of #Google at hands of #LLMs continues to hot talking point for techies, everyone is seeing the obvious. Google and other big tech companies held us hostage and blocked AI revolution for a long time. Thank you #OpenAI for unblocking, opening the doors for the #AI revolution.

Is ChatGPT a Google Killer > The answer is, yes Chatgpt could be a most serious threat Google business taking away as much as 70 to 80 percent of Google business within a year.



So, Google is already panicking as it laysoff over 12000 employees to focus  on AI and Data Science initiatives :



Is ChatGPT ready to Replace Google ?



The real problem for ChatGPT is that it is not ready to replace Google in many ways e.g.



1). #Chatgpt and #GPT3 are great models for  NLP-related applications, but these are expensive and time-consuming to train. The next big challenge is to come up with approaches for making #training far less expansive and less time-consuming while #building even more powerful models.


2). ChatGPT is struggling with amount of attention and traffic it is receiving. As a result, its service went down several times and was limited in many ways.


3). With current resource constraints, and algorithms it is difficult to keep ChatGPT upto date with day to day developments.


4). They are not ready with business plans for commercialization to sustain offering free service like Google does. Google has huge infrastructure for helping advertisers, and content creators and ChatGPT has not even started in this direction.



Google may be struggling because it missed out despite GPT3 being there for a long time, however Google still has the edge and ability to play catch up. On the other hand, ChatGPT has to go a big to make itself commercially sustainable. The partnership between ChatGPT and Microsoft can go a long way in terms of enabling potential of ChatGPT and using already available tools in Microsoft infrastructure for making ChatGPT available as a service along with bing search engine. Needless to say, this would be one hell of a developing story that we all see developing in 2023 and beyond.

By Hassan Amin

Dr. Syed Hassan Amin has done Ph.D. in Computer Science from Imperial College London, United Kingdom and MS in Computer System Engineering from GIKI, Pakistan. During PhD, he has worked on Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning. He has done research and development in many areas including Urdu and local language Optical Character Recognition, Retail Analysis, Affiliate Marketing, Fraud Prediction, 3D reconstruction of face images from 2D images, and Retinal Image analysis in addition to other areas.